Donate now to help our cats!

The cats and kittens need your help!

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The cats and kittens need your help!

What we do at Sun Cities 4 Paws

Sun Cities 4 Paws has been saving the lives of cats since 1996 and we couldn't do it without you!

We strive to give the cats and kittens at Sun Cities 4 Paws the best possible care. This means getting all the cats and kittens 'adoption ready' in a timely manner. Your donations will help us do just that.

From Feline Leukemia testing, general vaccinations and spay & neuter on kittens and cats to blood work and medications on our older cats and permanent shelter residents, we couldn't do all of this without your help.

Sun Cities 4 Paws regularly adopts out over 800 kittens and cats a year! That is a lot of testing, vaccinations and spay & neuter. By donating to Sun Cities 4 Paws, you'll be helping us get these cats into loving homes so we can continue to save more lives!

Here are the different ways you can help (drop down box donation choices):


Donations made to this designation are put towards getting cats and kittens adoption ready. The funds donated here are used for vaccines, testing, spay/neuter, medications and general care such as food and litter


The Lucky Fund started when we took in a cat that had been shot and had over 20 BB's throughout her body. The outpouring of donations was substantially more than what the costs were to save Lucky, (who is doing great in a forever foster home!). So we decided to create 'The Lucky Fund' to help other cats we intake that need medical care above and beyond normal veterinary care.

lucky xray



We intake many senior cats due to various reasons, such as people going into assisted living, moving, and other circumstances. We also have many younger cats that come in having special medical issues (aka special needs). Many of these older cats have or develop medical issues that require various types of medications, extra vet visits and specialist visits, and the same goes for the special needs cats.

Our goal is to provide safe, loving homes outside of the shelter environment for these cats and in turn, free up space in the shelter, enabling us to save more lives. Since we continue to pay for the medications, laboratory tests, specialist visits and any other medical needs, we are always raising funds to continue this program. For more information on Senior or Special Needs fostering click here


Our long term resident cats, some with special medical needs or those who haven't found the right person yet, live at the Peoria Shelter. For various reasons, these cats are not as likely to be adopted and may spend the rest of their lives at the Peoria Shelter. So when you sponsor a shelter resident, it helps Sun Cities 4 Paws cover the cost of their daily care, as well as their ongoing medical needs, if required now or needed in the future.


Purchase a paver to be placed in our memorial garden. Forever remember a loved one with a gift in honor of or in memory of a friend, family member, or beloved pet is a thoughtful way to pay tribute to his/her life and make a difference for the cats in our care. For more detailed information on pricing and ordering, click here


Your continued (recurring) contributions will help Sun Cities 4 Paws continue to provide high quality of care for all of the cats and kittens in our care. Please consider giving a monthly recurring amount dedicated to the designation of your choice. Just choose 'monthly' and the amount you want to give, then choose where you want the funds to go. Recurring donations can be set-up for one year or any other time frame you choose.

Supporting Membership (and a Gift Option too!)

Individual ‘Supporting Membership’ is $25 per person, per year. Supporting Membership includes our quarterly newsletter, ‘The Scratching Post’. The newsletter contains information about all of our events, and stories about our cats and kittens, our ever-growing and very successful Foster and Senior Cat Foster Programs, our exceptional volunteers and more. Last year our Supporting Memberships helped fund many of our various medical programs. By becoming a Supporting Member or gifting a Supporting Membership, you will help continue our mission in 2023.

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